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  1. Hello,

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  4. Hello,

    I have been following your blog for some time now, and I have become a big fan of your enlightening approach to finance. I am very interested in writing guest posts for your blog, and I feel I have the qualifications to do so. I am an independent blogger with a passion for financial writing. Over the last few years, I have invested a great deal of time reading sites like Business Insider and The Wealth Report. In addition to studying finance, I have written professionally for 4 years and have authored dozens of pieces on financial topics for blogs and newspapers. Since I know you are busy, I have not attached sample pieces but would be happy to furnish them upon request.

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  6. Hello,

    My name is Jessica Evans; I am a Finance graduate from UPenn. For years I worked as a banker and one day realised I now knew enough to venture out on my own.

    Presently, I work as a financial consultant and in my free time pursue my passion of penning down my thoughts and ideas about things I know best.

    I am keen to feature an article on your blog as it would do wonders for my portfolio as a writer. I realized it was time I stopped ghost-writing for others and built an online reputation for myself.
    Here are a few ideas that I feel you will like:
    1) Reasons Why it is important to be Wary of Emerging Markets
    2) An Effective Investment Strategy to Follow in 2014
    3) Ideas on How Best to Cope With Inflation
    4) Investment Tips for Those Newly Entering the Markets
    5) How Best to Manage Family Finances and Yet Have Fun
    6) Are Men More Aggressive Investors Than Women?
    7) Finding the Right Person to Manage Your Investments
    8) Do Machines Really Make for Better Investment Planners Than Humans
    9) 10 Things About the Stock Market You Simply Must Know
    10) Financial Planning Ideas to Secure Your Toddler’s Future
    11) How Best To Plan a Wedding Within Your Budget
    12) Concept of Share Dividends Better Explained
    13) When Should Inflation Begin to Worry You?
    14) Why Investing in ETFs Makes Sense

    I hope this proposal is agreeable, so that your readers get the opportunity to benefit from what I can contribute. In fact, I am also open to any suggestions or ideas that you might have.
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