Sometimes I Wish I Could Go Back To Being A Regular Person

Sometimes I get really sick of being “into” my finances.

Sometimes I just want to be happy that I have any savings cushion at all, instead of always feeling like it’s not enough.

Sometimes I want to stop thinking about saving for retirement, and start thinking about saving for a vacation instead.

Sometimes I get annoyed that I’m always running numbers in my head.

Sometimes I want tell my budget to fuck off.

Sometimes I fantasize about driving to the nearest car dealership and financing a shiny, new car.

Sometimes I want to go out to eat all three weekend nights…and not think twice about it.

Sometimes I get tired of fighting Comcast every three months about how much my cable costs; I just want to pay the full bill and skip the drama.

Sometimes I want to take yoga classes without worrying that that’s too self-indulgent.

Sometimes I want to dream about doing things without pesky financial worries getting in the way.

Sometimes I want an appetizer and dessert. And a couple of glasses of wine, too.

Sometimes I feel crushing worry about my finances.

Sometimes I want the shoes that aren’t on sale.

Sometimes it sucks to care so much about my money.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a (financially) regular person.