2012 Health Goals

Newsflash: I am not the world’s healthiest person. I did quit smoking three years ago, but that’s basically the only healthy thing I’ve done for myself in years that I’ve actually stuck to. So this year, I have a couple of health goals:

1. Complete the couch-to-5K running plan
2. Eat out 52 times or fewer
About the running: I’ve made a lot of goals in the past that have focused exclusively on losing weight. While I do want to lose some weight, I’m trying to think about my health in a more comprehensive way. Weight doesn’t equal health, but fitness does. The reason that I like the couch-to-5K plan specifically is that it’s very manageable time-wise and it starts really slow, which I definitely need. I’m planning to start the plan in the middle of February 2012 as I’ve signed up for a series of yoga classes that run through January. I don’t want to take on too much at a time :)
And the eating out challenge: That’s how I’m going to be referring to this goal, as a challenge, because it will be. In the past six months I have gotten into the very bad habit (both financially and health-wise) of eating out way too much. So I’m going to challenge myself in 2012 to eat out no more than 52 times. Why 52? Because that would average eating out once per week, which would be a significant improvement for me. Below are a list of rules for this challenge:
1. Both take-out and restaurant dining count as eating out. That includes pizza delivery.
2. Going to a restaurant or bar and just ordering a drink does not count as eating out, unless I order food.
3. Eating out with my parents does not count against my 52, but I see them only a few times a year so this really wouldn’t make a big impact on the challenge anyway.
4. Going out just for ice cream in the summer does not count as eating out.
5. Eating out when I’m visiting family or away for school reasons (like the AP reading) does not count against my 52. I debated a lot about this one, but if I have no reasonable option of eating at home then I think it’s silly to count it against the challenge. I also don’t want to force this challenge on my family, so if I’m visiting a family member, I’m not counting that either.
What do you think? Do you have any health goals for 2012? Please, share!


2012 Health Goals — 12 Comments

  1. c25k really kick started my weight loss (well, I did – that's just what I chose to use as exercise). I love the program and that it really eases you into it.

    I also love that you have such a specific goal – eating out only 52 times!

  2. good on you for setting health goals, I couldn't imagine eating out that many times a year, we do it maybe twice,but it seems to be a more common thing in the US so cutting back is great. Good luck!

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  4. I have a goal to exercise 312 times in 2012. (No, I didn't pick that number, ha. It's just what 6 days a week equals.) I have other small goals, like drinking 8 servings of water each day or sleeping 7 hours every day. But exercise is my big goal. I think if I can solidify it as a habit independent from weight loss in 2012 (since I hope to reach my goal weight by the end of January) I can make it a lifelong habit. I hope so at least!

    Good luck on your challenge and the couch-to-5k program! I've heard great things about C25K. And I LOVE the restaurant goal. We go so rarely these days, mostly because we're both making an effort to be more frugal. We go about once or twice a month, but I can remember a time when once a week would have been a big challenge for us!

  5. I really really need to get on board with fitness/health goals. I'd love to do the C25k, but I don't want to set myself up for failure. I loved jogging/running, but hate doing that on my own and I can't find anybody else to do it with me. Lack of motivation will hit me with a club about 2 weeks in, if not earlier.

  6. Good luck! I did C25K after 13 years off of running and it was great. Three things about C25K that I would highly recommend are:

    1) Don't just run- even if it's only two or three times a week, do some other form of exercise like strength training or yoga. This really helps prevent injury.

    2) Related to injuries- I was a fit person- yoga 4 times a week, biking every day as transportation, lifting weights- and I still did each week of C25K twice, just to be safe and take it slowly. It was still hard, but I didn't blow out a knee or kink a hip like so many of my friends.

    3) Check out running form videos on YouTube- they're really helpful, because so many people run with really poor form- swinging arms, hunched backs, heel strikes- just because they haven't seen a good example. This also helps in the injury prevention department, too.

    Lastly, I found that the C25K podcasts made it so much easier because I didn't have to track my time, someone else did it for me. Sometimes the music they use can be cheesy, but many podcasts are set up so you can sync your own music with it, and it will just beep when you run/walk. This was a lifesaver for me so that I could just focus on form and running each segment, instead of obsessing over time.

    Losing the 15 pounds I gained when I broke my foot is my number one health goal, and I have all sorts of metrics to support it. I hope it all comes together, because I'm not interested in staying a this weight and replacing half my wardrobe :)

  7. I really LOVE the C25k. It is how I started running,. I think once you can run about 3 miles, it is much easier to build up to any distance (if you want to, that is). Before that, running just isn't always that fun because it is so hard.

    Good luck! Also, maybe I'm just not committed enough, but it took me way longer than 9 weeks to finally complete the program. Don't get discouraged if you repeat a week!

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